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SEAOBS, offshore multi-parameters measurement service

Notably combining WINDSEA and FLY’RSEA services, SEAOBS is able to host a large range of sensors to be used as a real sea observatory. It will monitor any parameter at your project site for at least a full year 365/365.

SEAOBS is the solution to your Environmental Impact Assessment in the development phase to characterize your site and in further stages to monitor and measure the potential impacts.

WINDSEA and FLY’RSEA services combined
to provide a versatile offshore observatory

Buoy in the sea

Aerial and subsea multi sensors slots enabling to collect complete sets of environmental data from metocean and biological conditions to marine mammals, fishes and birds presence

Plug & play data logging and management systems

Modular pack up to 2,5KW capacity

Scaling of the system directly at sea

365/7 onshore monitored

Sharable with WINDSEA or FLY’RSEA services

Eco-friendly (no diesel on board)

Multi observation tool for environmental assessment

diagram of a buoy with all the solutions offered by Akrocean around it

Any offshore in-situ monitoring need?

Our international partners

AKROCEAN can offer modular buoys deployments anywhere in the world. We rely on our network of commercial and/or logistic partners around the world, specialists in their field, to support AKROCEAN in each of these locations.

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Our others services

WINDSEA is a new generation of floating LiDAR turnkey service for wind resource assessment and metocean measurements.

FLY’RSEA, our floating RADAR solution for bird detection, is the first technology able to assess birds, bats, marine mammals and fishes presence on the same system.