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AKROCEAN’s services

AKROCEAN owns and operates a fleet of modular self-powered buoys designed to power and host a large range of metocean and environmental sensors. AKROCEAN’s teams can deploy modular buoys anywhere in the world.

schema of Akrocean services

Our services

WINDSEA is a new generation of
LiDAR turnkey service for
wind resource assessment and
metocean measurements.

FLY’RSEA, our floating RADAR solution for bird detection, is the first technology able to assess birds, bats, marine mammals and fishes presence on the same system.

SEAOBS, combining measurements of WINDSEA, FLY’RSEA, and beyond… Seaobs is a multiparameters offshore observatory for environmental site studies.

Our technology

AKROCEAN is a company providing services for offshore monitoring and site assessment. AKROCEAN operates its own fleet of open and modular floating LiDAR and RADAR (based on GEPS Techno technology) enabling to perform several types of mid/long term offshore multi-measurement campaigns with optimized maintenance interventions.

floating buoy on the sea
exhibit of Akrocean

A team at your service

AKROCEAN benefits from a constantly growing multidisciplinary team combined with offshore engineering skills of Geps Techno and O&M resources of Valemo. Therefore, in 2022, more than 30 people worked on AKROCEAN’s projects in collaboration with our international partners.

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