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AKROCEAN was born in Nantes, city of Jules Verne which have imagined the wildest and most utopian machines and creatures. In each of his novels, Jules Verne enters the Sea and has made his heroes cross the oceans even the most unknown.

In line with raising customer needs in term of meteo and environmental monitoring or assessments, AKROCEAN values are innovation to fulfill customer needs and reliability in order to deliver reliable and efficient services to customer.

Due to that, AKROCEAN chooses to cooperate with innovative partners like GEPS Techno for stabilised buoys dedicated to floating LiDAR solutions and VALEMO for advanced O&M services and big data treatment systems.

Our partners

VALEMO is a french recognized O&M company, founded in 2007, providing extended services for onshore and offshore renewable energy plants.

GEPS TECHNO is a marine products development company creating systems in the field of stabilization of floating structures and renewable energy production and storage.

Our target markets

Offshore wind markets AKROCEAN

Offshore wind


Marine renewable energy

Ocean sources AKROCEAN

Ocean sciences

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